Thursday, February 5, 2009

Studying Theology at the
Baptist Convention College

could change your life!
(In co-operation with the South African Theological Seminary)
Who are we?

The Baptist Convention College (BCC) is an institution of learning, founded upon Christian principles and values. The aim of this institution is to provide an internationally recognised theological education of a high standard. It seeks to encourage and develop students to grow into “maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ” (Eph 4:13) BCC is the training institution of the Baptist Convention of South Africa.

Who studies here?
We have a variety of students who decide to take courses for different reasons. Some study short courses to grow in their personal understanding of the Bible, while others train for Pastoral Ministry and Ordination.
Who are the staff?
There are 5 full-time staff and 5 part-time staff at the college. Led by the Principal Rev. Nthane, the staff offers a wide range of ministerial experience. They specialise in a variety of Theological and Biblical subjects.

Why study here?
BCC is committed to helping students grow in their relationship with God and in their knowledge of the Bible and Theology. If you are interested in studying some of the following subjects, then BCC is for you. We offer courses in Christian foundations, Biblical studies, discipleship, missions, child and youth ministry, preaching, church management and much more. Whatever your life situation, BCC offers the flexibility to explore which is the best study route for you.

Courses offered
Certificate in Christian Life
(1 year full-time/2yrs part-time)

Diploma in Biblical Studies
(2 years full-time/4 years part-time)

Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
(3 years full-time/6 years part-time)

Bachelor of Theology Honours
(BTh Hons)
(4 years full-time/8 years part-time)

Study full-time or part-time


Full-time students have lectures each morning from Tuesday to Friday. Private study time is then done in addition. It is possible to live in college accommodation, or if you live locally you can travel in each day.

If you cannot study full-time due to family, work or ministry commitments you could study part-time.
Study at home with material and instruction provided by BCC
Come to BCC once per month for lectures and advice
Send your assignments to BCC and then come in October for exams

Costs involved
You pay for each course that you register for and you can take as many courses as your life situation allows you to.

Application fee: R200
Registration fee: R750
Tuition fee: R1080 (Per course)

Contact BCC
Street Address:
6503 Mooki Street, Orlando East,

Postal Address:
P.O Box
1717, SA

Tel: 011/935 5347
Fax: 011/935 4977